Welcome To The New Over Easy

Over Easy
Welcome To The New Over Easy

Get Real. Breakfast. What does it all mean?!

We started Over Easy with a mission to make mornings easier. You might know our founder, Kyle, was in the army and is now a dad of 2 (busy >> busier, IMO). But you don’t have to be a parent or veteran  to know one universal truth: mornings are hard. It’s a time of day we could all use a little help, and even if you’re a ‘morning person’ (I’m not sure they exist but I hear they do) you have to admit that a healthy, convenient, delicious breakfast option would be helpful to have on-hand!

Notice anything new about us? We’ve refreshed our look to wake you up in the morning. From when you take out your bar to when you take your first bite (to when you realize how actually healthy our ingredient list is) we just want you to feel like even though it’s Tuesday and there’s a long week ahead, you’ve got breakfast. Real. Breakfast. And that’s one thing off your plate.

I’m Joe, the Head of Brand Marketing here at Over Easy, welcome to our blog. Musings from our core team about our product, breakfast, and maybe some random tidbits along the way. We hope you enjoy it!