Banana Nut (New)

1 box (9 bars)

Nutrition Facts

It's like banana nut bread...but replace added sugar and baking with convenience and clean ingredients in our Banana Nut Breakfast Bar - with 9g of protein and 7g of fiber.

1 box +



cage-free egg whites for clean protein.



high in fiber for a healthy body & gut.



to start your day off right


  • gluten
  • refined sugars
  • added "flavors"
  • preservatives
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • dairy, soy, or wheat

Ingredients: organic oats, almonds, honey, almond butter, tapioca fiber, dried apples, egg whites, cinnamon, vanilla extract, sea salt

I'm obsessed

“I can confidently say that these are the best bars I've ever tried! Awesome product!”

10 out of 10!!!

“These are VERY tasty and I absolutely love the ingredient makeup!”

RD Approved

“As a dietician, I'm a huge fan of healthy carbs, especially whole grains like oats. They also taste delicious, which is essential.”

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