Why Breakfast

We’re not going to pretend like this is a ‘50s sitcom where everyone sits around holding hands over a plate of eggs and bacon. This is real life. That’s why we’ve got real food designed to help you, well, just get on with it. Food that is good and good for you.

[Insert Realistically Delicious :60 Youtube Link]

So let’s get back to breakfast. A world where “convenient” doesn’t mean “crappy,” you recognize every ingredient on our label, and when you take your first bite of our bar, the taste and texture don’t make you regret your choices.

Brunch is for the weekends. Don’t get us wrong – we love brunch. But on Tuesday at 8am, you’ve got several things on the to-do list you haven’t even written yet, and with a 9am Zoom call, making breakfast just isn’t one of them.

Be honest with yourself. You need something delicious, nutritious, and (it should go without saying), real. That’s why we say: *suggesting use of tape here instead of typing the line in quotes.*


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