A Matcha Made In Heaven

A Matcha Made In Heaven

Our first new flavor is a special one. If you’re a breakfast person – which, if you’re reading this, we know you are – perhaps you change it up from coffee to matcha once in a while. A perfect vanilla almond matcha latte just slaps in the morning. So much so, we don’t want it to be restricted to a mug; we want that taste ready to go every morning.

The first place I ever had a matcha latte was MatchaBar, on Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn. And yes, if you look me up on LinkedIn you’ll find I later went to work for them. So we reached out to my old friends at MatchaBar to create their first ever literal matcha bar. We couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out.

If you don’t drink matcha, let me give you the quick crash course. Ask your doctor what is the healthiest thing you can drink besides water, and I promise you they’ll say green tea. Matcha is a superpowered green tea; a standard cup has 10x the nutritional benefits of a normal green tea.  MatchaBar’s ceremonial grade matcha comes from family farms in Kagoshima, Japan, hand-picked by one of only 13 level-10 tea masters in the world! This gives it peak levels of antioxidants and goodness for your body. Now combine that with protein from cage free egg whites and fiber from organic oats...sounds like a good morning to me.

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